Be Prepared – The Story of Scouting and Guiding

The Story of Scouting. 2010 – 2019

2010 Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, took to the skies to visit thousands of United Kingdom Scouts for the first Bear in the Air Tour.

2011 22nWorld Scout Jamboree was held at Kristrianstad, Sweden from 27th July to 7th August.

40,000 participants and International Service Team members represented 146 countries and territories. The Jamboree Theme was Simply Scouting.

2012 Scout Community Week launched with projects aimed to have a positive impact on communities throughout the United Kingdom.

HRH Duchess of Cambridge joined Scouting as a volunteer.

2013 Chief Scout Bear Grylls visited Waddecar Scout Activity Centre in Lancashire

and Be Prepared – The Story of Scouting and Guiding, The Little Gem on 11th May. The Hon. Michael Baden-Powell and his wife Joan visited The Little Gem on 9th July.

2014 Scouting for A//, 2014 – 2018 Strategy launched.

An additional, alternative Promise was launched for humanists and members of no affirmed faith.

The creation of the role of United Kingdom Youth Commissioner established. The transition to using Compass began.

2015 23rd World Scout Jamboree was held at Kirara-hama, Yamaguichi, Japan from 24th July to 10th August. The Jamboree Theme was Wa, A Spirit of Unity.

35,000 participants and International Service Team members represented 150 countries and territories.

2016 A Million Hands-a community impact project with national charity partners was launched.

Centenary of the Cub Scouts.

Unveiling of the Scout Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum. 75th Birthday of the Air Scouts.

Tim Kidd succeeded Wayne Bulpitt as United Kingdom Chief Commissioner.

2017 Steve Backshaw, Olympian, became a Scout Ambassador.

Lottery bid submitted for the proposed Gilwell Park Heritage Centre.

The Gilwe/1 Oak won the title of the Woodland Trust’s United Kingdom Tree of the Year.

2018 Skills for Life strategic plan and brand refresh launched.

Tim Peake, Astronaut, became a Scout Ambassador.

West Lancashire’s Youth Commissioner, Ollie Wood, appointed the United Kingdom Youth Commissioner.

John Volanthen, a Cub Scout Leader in Bristol was one of the first divers to reach the boys trapped in the flooded cave in Thailand.

2019 Centenary of Gilwell Park which had been purchased for the Scouts in March 1919.

24th World Scout Jamboree was held at The Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia, USA from 22nd July to 2nd August. It was hosted by the Scout Associations of Canada, Mexico and USA. More than 45,000 participants and up to 9,000 International Service Team members represented 152 countries and territories. The Theme was Unlock a New World Lord Robert Crause Baden-Powell, B-P’s grandson, died on 28th December.

He was succeeded by his younger brother Hon. David Michael Baden-Powell.

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