1908 Scouting for Boys published.  Boys and girls formed Scout Patrols.
1909 First Boy Scout Rally held at Crystal Palace, London on 4th September attended by 11,000 Scouts and some Girl Scouts.  6,000 girls had registered as Girl Scouts.  B-P published his scheme for Girl Guides in the November edition of The Headquarters Gazette.
1910 Girl Guides Association inaugurated with Agnes Baden-Powell, B-P’s sister as its Leader.
1912 B-P married Olave St Clare Soames at St Peter’s Church, Parkstone, Poole.
How Girls Can Help To Build Up The Empire published.
1913 Olave, Lady Baden-Powell formed a Scout Troop in Ewhurst.
She wrote and addressed meetings on the role of Lady Scoutmasters.
1914 Girl Guides Gazette published.
Junior Section for girls aged 8 to 11 formed and initially called Rosebuds.
1915 War Service Badge introduced.
Rosebuds renamed Brownies.
Olave, Lady B-P spent four months with other Scout workers staffing the Scout Recreation Hut for soldiers in France.
1916 Olave, Lady B-P appointed Guide County Commissioner for Sussex.
Senior Guide groups formed.
Guides collected money to purchase two Recreation Huts and an Ambulance for the Troops in France.
Conference of Commissioners held in Matlock appointed Olave, Lady B-P Chief Commissioner.
1917 The first Headquarters Shop, 84 Victoria Street, London, opened.
1918 HM Queen Alexandra visited the Guide Rally in Hyde Park.
Olave, Lady Baden-Powell appointed Chief Guide for the British Empire.
1919 International Council established to develop contact between countries that had Guides or Girl Scouts. This Council was later to become the World Association.
Guiders and Senior Guides acted as messengers at the Peace Conference in Versailles.
1920 Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, appointed President.
Senior Guide groups renamed Rangers.  Sea Ranger Section formed.
First International Conference held at Oxford.  Taps adopted as a closing hymn.
Girl Guiding, A Handbook for Guidelets, Guides, Rangers and Guiders published.
1921 The Guide a weekly publication for Guides introduced.
1922 The Girl Guide Association granted a Royal Charter of Incorporation.
Foxlease, the first Guide Training Centre opened at Lyndhurst in the New Forest.
1924 First World Camp held at Foxlease.
1926 Thinking Day instituted to commemorate the joint birthdays of B-P and Olave, Lady B-P on 22nd February when all Guides would think of the world-wide fellowship of Guiding and sister Guides.
1927 Waddow Hall near Clitheroe in Lancashire opened as a training and activity centre.
1928 The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) was formed.
1929 The Camp Hospital at the 3rd World Jamboree staffed by Girl Guides.